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About the Seicento Baroque Ensemble

Founded in 2011, the Seicento Baroque Ensemble is a semi-professional, auditioned chamber choir noted for its performances of lesser known 17th and 18th century Baroque choral music using historically-informed performance practices. The ensemble fills a void in the Colorado choral scene by performing inspirational and worthy Baroque choral music, both a cappella and accompanied, generally from Western Europe. This music influenced many later composers, including J.S. Bach and Handel. The Seicento Baroque Ensemble’s concerts may involve other performing arts groups: instrumental ensembles, dance troupes, actors, or other choirs and may, from time to time incorporate artwork and film.

The Seicento Baroque Ensemble emphasizes education, teaching singers and audiences of all ages about the Baroque period, Baroque music, Baroque composers, compositions and performance practices, including the basic vocabulary of a baroque vocal style and articulation as well as period-appropriate pronunciation of English, Italian, German, German Latin, French Latin and French. At the heart of the ensemble are
soloists whose depth of experience will contribute to rapid assimilation of Baroque vocal style and technique thus assuring accurate recreation of challenging music. These individuals may be featured in solos and small ensembles during performances.

© Rich Saxon, Stuff Eye See Photography

Evanne Browne
Artistic Director

Michael Lui

baroque Colorado


Mark Alan Filbert
Assistant Conductor