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Seicento’s first CD, a live recording of Handel’s Dixit Dominus and Laudate Pueri Dominum as performed in March, 2017. Makes a great holiday gift for any music lover.
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March 16/17/18, 2018
Before opera there was the madrigal comedy; unstaged but dramatic collections of short vocal pieces which, when sung consecutively, told a story. Adriano Banchieri’s Contrappunto Bestiale and continuo (accompanied by lute or harpsichord) madrigals will be on this program

Mad Madrigals

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire and foster music appreciation on the part of the public through historically informed performances of Baroque chamber music. The Seicento Baroque Ensemble emphasizes education for singers, instrumentalists, and the public of all ages about the Baroque period in history, in particular its music, composers, compositions and performance practices.

Kevin Padworski

A note from our Artistic Director ♫

I am deeply grateful for those that attended at our recent concert, From Luther to Bach: Music of the Reformation. Our concert selections explored the inner agitations of the soul and the interesting journey of a man whose bold thinking influenced society long after his passing. We enjoyed learning the repertoire and discovering its prolific and grounding poignancy, and hope you enjoyed the experience along with us.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the arts, of Baroque music, and attending our concerts.  We are grateful for such supportive and receptive audiences like you.  Wising you a good holiday, and I look forward to seeing you at our Madrigals concert in March.

What’s in a name?

seicento  [/seiˈtʃɛnto]

Our name is inspired by the Italian word Seicento which means “six hundred” and refers to the culturally rich 1600’s in Italy. 
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Seicento Baroque Ensemble revives
German music from 1600s
Seicento Baroque Ensemble revives
German music from 1600s

Celebrating Music of the
Reformation: Seicento Baroque

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